Gamma Arredamenti's story began in 1974, when Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti united their passion for furniture to establish the company. Starting as a modest sofa manufacturing firm, they set a lofty goal: to excel in the medium/high-end international market. With unwavering commitment, Gamma kept production local in the Forlì plant, ensuring meticulous quality control and fostering creativity among designers and craftsmen.

At Gamma, craftsmanship is an art form. Skilled hands shape abstract concepts into tangible masterpieces, infusing each piece with unparalleled attention to detail. Tradition, research, and innovation converge daily, resulting in furniture that embodies the essence of Italian excellence. From traditional to contemporary designs, every piece reflects Gamma's dedication to timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship.

Today, Gamma mission remains unchanged: to continue growing while proudly representing the values of "Made in Italy" craftsmanship worldwide.

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