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Interior Design

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At Sovereign Interiors, we understand that no home, no vision, and no style is identical. that’s why our team of interior designers are prepared to interpret and streamline any dream into a bespoke reality.

Every design process is underlined by collaboration. it’s an intertwining of imagination, personality, and experience. our team of qualified interior designers are ready to uplift your home with our vast web of manufacturers. our Italian suppliers are dedicated to the distinct character of your space and bring you the best in Italian craftsmanship.

Interior Design

How We Work

All clients considering an interior design partnership with Sovereign Interiors will welcome a free in-store consultation to discuss the scope, vision, design and budget of their home transformation.

Interior Design

Service will include

Moving forward, our comprehensive interior design and decorating service will include:

On-site consultations 

Multi-option plans

Full design, furnishing, colour scheme and product presentations

2D mockups and scaled drawings

Complete pricing schedules 

If a client proceeds to purchase at least 80% of the proposed package, the entire interior design cost will be refunded.