sovereign islands, gold coast

King Charles

Nestled gracefully

Nestled gracefully within the captivating canals of Sovereign Islands on the Gold Coast, Allegra stands as a grand testament spanning an expansive 1000 sqm. Its inspiring presence provided the perfect canvas for Sovereign Interiors to unleash its creative prowess.

Our journey

Authentic Italian designs

Our journey commenced armed with the distinct allure of authentic Italian designs, a discerning commitment to exceptional quality, and an extensive portfolio adorned with treasures from both Italian and American suppliers. The transformation of this waterfront haven rechristened as a masterpiece, began in earnest.

Esteemed proprietors of this regal abode entrusted us with the task of breathing life and style into their new sanctuary. Having previously experienced the prowess of the Sovereign design team, they were well-acquainted with the mastery that awaited.


Guided by an unequivocal vision

Guided by an unequivocal vision, the directive was unambiguous: the furnishings were to harmonize seamlessly with the architectural and stylistic essence of the residence. Though inherently modern, Allegra exudes an aura of classic distinction that renders it truly exceptional. Thus, the challenge beckoned us to merge the timeless charm of classic aesthetics with the sleek lines of modernity, all the while crafting an inviting haven that resonates with warmth for the entire family.

With a passion for design ingrained in our DNA, we embarked on a journey to honour tradition while embracing innovation, culminating in an ambience that transcends time itself.