ephraim island, GOLD COAST



The latest project by Piers at Orioio Home in collaboration with Sovereign Interiors showcases a stunning blend of contemporary elegance and luxurious comfort. The exquisite tile installation by Aesthetic Tile & Stone infuses sophistication and beauty, to elevate the charm of this breathtaking property.

This sophisticated penthouse apartment, overlooking the Gold Coast skyline and ocean views, features a harmonious palette of neutral tones, enhanced by plush furnishings and sleek, reflective surfaces.

orioio home

Timeless Elegance

Featuring the Mcqueen low back sofa, adorned with a mix of textured black and gold striped pillows, serves as a focal point, exuding both warmth and refinement.

The room's aesthetic is elevated by the modern geometric rug and the striking, low-profile coffee table with a high-gloss finish, which mirror the stylish light fixtures above.

These chandeliers, with their cascading design, add a touch of opulence and create a mesmerising play of light.