Action Chaise Lounge

SKU: contemporary

The Action collection is au ultra modern lounge with no fixed backrests or armrests so the sofa and its seating options can be configured however you desire. The special bolster cushion can be changed and transformed to whichever configuration you need. Enjoy the comfort of a traditional sofa by simply resting the back cushion against the bolster. With these elements, you can create new seating solutions that are always original and active and change to suit your needs.
Available in first grade Italian leather, Italian fabric or Nabuk leather with your choice of colour.

Please enquire for more information as different sizes are available.


Furniture and Décor: approximately 8 to 22 weeks depending on manufacturers stock availability.  Please contact our sales agent

Lighting: approximately 20 weeks lead time, ordered from Italian or American warehouse
Please contact us if you require air freight for a shorter lead time (4-10 weeks)

Shipment Dates

Artwork: availability based off showroom displays - Contact Us

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