Bullis Torchon Pendant

SKU: contemporary

Gorgeous pendant with lacquered white or black glass support and suspended smooth borosilicate glass spheres with "Torchnon finish" engraved.  LED lighting system.
Version also available WITHOUT "Torchon" engraved effect (i.e. smooth spheres).
Pendant available as SINGLE bulb/sphere from the above size options.

Size – cm.  1 sphere / ø 12 x 130 h
Size – cm.  5 spheres / ø 60 x 130 h
Size – cm.  12 spheres / ø 80 x 130 h   OR  120W x 40D x 130 h
Size – cm.  25 spheres / ø 100 x 130 h
Size – cm.  50 spheres / ø 130 x 220 h
Size – cm.  105 spheres / Size – cm.  ø 130 x 220 h
Size – cm.  153  spheres / ø 148 x 220 h
Size – cm.  178 spheres /  300W x 120L x 280 h - Rectangular
- Support available in mirrored glass on request
-Closing frame between ceiling and plate
-Customized versions available on request for both dimensions and shapes.
-Extra charge for 1 sphere in coloured glass: blue, alexandrite, amber, iridum amber, yellow, green, ruby-red, white, black.


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Lighting: approximately 20 weeks lead time, ordered from Italian or American warehouse
Please contact us if you require air freight for a shorter lead time (4-10 weeks)

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