Coliseum Wallpaper

The Coliseum Wallpaper offers a Stunning, Origami-like and weightless look and feel,  part of the greater Coliseum collection.
Available in rolls of 68 x 1000 centimetres.
Shown in the Gallery is the stunning Coliseum wallpaper,  behind the Coliseum Buffet,  and Coliseum Round Mirror and Romea Table lamp.
Click here to see the full downloadable PDF of the Coliseum Collection.

Furniture and Décor: approximately 8 to 22 weeks depending on manufacturers stock availability.  Please contact our sales agent

Lighting: approximately 20 weeks lead time, ordered from Italian or American warehouse
Please contact us if you require air freight for a shorter lead time (4-10 weeks)

Shipment Dates

Artwork: availability based off showroom displays - Contact Us